DataTrine Technology team has in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience on the key technology stacks and products. They can deliver effective solutions across all horizontal domains. Our Lead Developers and Analysts have also gained very good understanding on the functional aspects of a few industry verticals as we have implemented multiple projects repeatedly in these business verticals.

DataTrine as a team can provide high end business solutions for the following verticals.


Human Resource Management Solutions (HRMS) is a key business activity which needs customized solutions addressing each enterprise’s specific requirements. Most of the off-shelf products and solutions do not fit the requirements of enterprises specifically in the SME segment. By successful executing many HR solutions across a range of organizations, DataTrine has gained in-depth expertise in designing tailor made solutions for HR within short project duration.

DataTrine can rapidly design and deployment payroll, attendance, talent management, employee engagement, loans and benefits modules as part of a complete HRMS solution.

Please check the HRMS case studies in the Resources Section for our success stories in HR domain.


In Today’s Knowledge Economy, ensuring that the human talents, which manages a business, are up to date with the latest developments is mission critical for sustaining the leadership and market-share of an enterprise. While enterprise invest a significant amount of financial resources for knowledge updation, sophisticated IT systems and solutions are to be put in place to ensure that the invest is giving intended business results. Learning Management Systems (LMS) tools are the right solutions for enterprise learning management.

DataTrine has implemented learning management systems across different verticals like schools, small enterprises, large Job portals etc. and has in-depth experience in customizing its learning management framework to suit specific requirements of an enterprise.

DataTrine team can define the business requirements and deliver the final solution within weeks instead of months using its proven framework for Learning Management System which also supports industry standards like SCORM 2000.

Please check the LMS case studies in the Resources Section for our success stories in LMS domain.

Online Retail

Online Retail Industry is another key business vertical in which DataTrine has implemented highly customizable solutions and has gained strong domain expertise.

Pepsico is one of the prestigious customers of DataTrine in the Retail Industry segment. DataTrine has also implemented a craigslist style ecommerce portal for Pepsico. DataTrine has also implemented multiple online retailing and ecommerce portals for many startups over the past decade.

DataTrine has provided modules like highly saleable multi-faceted catalog systems, product recommendation engines, shopping carts and payment modules as part of its online retail solution.

Please check the Retail case studies in the Resources Section for our success stories in online Retail domain.