Creating End User Value is the first and foremost concern for a Startup. Every Design and Development decisions made for a Startup has to consider multiple dimensions like Minimal Viable Product, Time to Market, Competition, and Product Uniqueness etc.

As Startup Founders are a small team they have to focus on the business plan, sales and marketing activities raising investments etc., working closely with a technology partner whom they can trust is mission critical and a matter of survival. Understanding this, our Startup Product Outsourcing Practice works with Startup Founders to deliver value not only by providing technology services but also bringing in valuable design experiences from our earlier engagements. Startups leverage our knowledge and practical experience in processes and techniques like Agile and Lean UX design.

We help Startups to quickly build Proof of Concept apps which includes all the features which would be needed for a “Minimal Viable Product”. Once an App gains market traction, we support the need to quickly scale up and accelerate the product development.

Minimal Viable Product

Time to Market


Product Uniqueness