With decades of hands-on experience across the complete IT product cycle, businesses can engage with us either for complete product lifecycle or for specific product lifecycle stages as follows:

Create Technology Strategy and Roadmap for Product or Solutions

Business Managers of Small and Medium Enterprises can hire us to prepare a strategic roadmap for their solutions or products as only a team with multiple specializations across technologies like cloud, social, mobile and Big Data analytics can make an informed decisions on high strategic and mission critical projects.

Design Software architectures, Database Design, API design

When a strategic product roadmap and business requirements document is ready, high level software architecture and database design has to be developed. DataTrine’s business insights and technology expertise can be leveraged to design business critical design artifacts like Product APIs for external integrators.

Integrate with external and internal Systems

Today no Business is an island on the Internet. Not only a business has to integrate on the demand side but also on the supply side. DataTrine Engineering team has be engaged to quickly integrate their business IT systems with partners.

Migrate Data from other Systems

Data Migration is a key activity for any IT project. DataTrine Integration and ETL experts can be hired to quickly migrate data from other applications.

Optimize Performance

IT Landscape is filled with products from multiple vendors and no solution can be built without using these products. For the operations team who are concerned with getting the best performance, deep understanding of all the products is not feasible. DataTrine implementation team can assist IT operations team figure out the right parameter settings for different products and achieve optimal performance of the IT infrastructure.

Mentor and Educate Teams on Emerging Technology

DataTrine also helps SME IT teams to gain insights into the bleeding edge IT products through flexible onsite training programs. DataTrine Training Team can custom the course programs to suit specific requirements of each enterprise.